Oh, the Places You'll Go! - Dr. Seuss

Although I have never personally read this book, I have heard many great things about it. Dr. Seuss is famous for his wonderfully written children's books especially for their creative rhymes so I am sure this story is equally as great as his others. If I were to incorporate this into a classroom, I believe it would best fit in with either a first or second grade classroom. I love the idea of having a full week of studying Dr. Seuss in the classroom and then reading "Oh, the Places You'll Go" on our very last day of the study. I would like to have the students create a "suitcase" where they will have three different sections to fill out with full sentences and illustrations. The three sections would include "Where I'm Going," "What I'm Bringing," and "Why I'll Be There." Once they have completed each section, they will fold the suitcase to where they will have the opportunity to put their names on their suitcases and decorate them as they would like.