The Mud Pony - Caron Lee Cohen, Shonto Begay

This book is about a young Skidi Pawnee tribe boy and his wish for a pony of his own. He makes a pony out of mud which then comes to life and helps guide him into becoming his own tribe's chief. After using this book for a guided reading lesson, I know for a fact that it is a great choice to use in a second grade classroom! There are many different activities teachers can do with students when incorporating this book into the curriculum. I picked out different vocabulary words from the text and had students go over them with me before we began reading. This not only helped to clarify what these words meant, but it also helped to enrich the students' own personal vocabulary with new words. I also had students complete a setting, characters, and plot activity to demonstrate their understanding of the story as a whole. One idea a teacher could do with this book is to read a few different Native American folktales to the students then have them compare the stories to one another.